Top 5 Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Zero gravity massage chairs are designed with a highly reclined position that alleviates the stress from your spine. It raises your feet and legs while the chair massages your whole body. These chairs are available in varying prices, and they come in a wide array of models. Here is a list of the top 5 best zero gravity massage chairs.

BestMassage EC-06

The Best Wholebody massage chair EC-06 is one of the most popular massage chairs on the market. Because it has made huge sales and numerous positive reviews, the chair is recognized as one of the best. Its affordable price is a significant influence on the high number of sales. Despite being affordable, it comes with the sophisticated features available in high-end chairs. The features include four preset auto programs, four massage functions including rolling, kneading, chop and percussion, heat therapy for feet and lower back. Additionally, it comes with a one-year limited warranty on all components.

Human Touch ZeroG 5.0

Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 massage chairs offer exclusive performance and a better price point. They are known to have a long-lasting life cycle. The chair comes with a smart 3D flex slither massage appliance that imitates the massage by a qualified massage therapist. When reclined to zero gravity, all you are required to do is show where you need relief in the ZeroG 5.0’s body map remote. The chair helps in relieving the pain and healing body and muscle pain. Additionally, the foot massage on this premium model is excellent and offers an ideal resting place for your feet.

Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair

This premium massage chair comes with rollers and a streamlined airbag system. The chair is manufactured by the most reputable massage chair company known as Osaki. The OS-4000T is a medium range massage chair that comes with the comparable specs used in more expensive models. Apart from its zero-G model, it also comes with various features such as S-track, six auto massage packages, and manual programs. It features six acupressure styles, has some vibration and heat and different speeds and intensities. The chair gives you value for your cash.

Kahuna LM6800

The Kahuna LM6800 is an awesome purchase for shoppers who are under budget. This gives you not only the zero-gravity feature but by you also have a guarantee to get the best massage chair. Apart from the zero-G technology, it comes with L-track rollers. This an outstanding feature for those who want a pain management massage in their lower back and hamstring parts. It comes with an exclusive yoga program, arm massage, foot massage, and calf massages. It offers heat therapy for lower back and also modern technology to scan the body.

iRobotics i7

The iRobotics i7 is the best massage chair that is available at a higher price. The idiom, you receive what you pay for tends to be factual for this type of zero gravity massage chair. The chair is recognized as the first robotic massage chair that is designed and made by Luraco. The iRobotics i7 features all the bells and whistle that are available in high-end massage chairs. Besides the zero-G technology, the chair is designed with Swedish and Japanese massage techniques. It comes with various modes for the morning, night, healthcare and deep tissue. If you need to manage your pain or enjoy a blissful relaxation, this chair provides all you need